Your bike advocacy organization is growing up!

We’ve been thinking a lot about our role in the community and what we’d like to accomplish. We’re in it for the long haul; there is a lot of work to do to improve conditions for people who ride bikes in Bloomington/Normal, and we see it as our responsibility to help coordinate those efforts. As such, like the Friends of the Constitution Trail, the League of Illinois Bicyclists, and many other long-standing advocacy organizations we look up to, we think it’s time we take the next step toward maturing into a sustainable and formidable community organization by offering paid memberships.

We’re proposing six annual membership levels and one lifetime membership option:

  • Singletrack: $15
  • Trailblazers: $25
  • Metric: $60
  • Century: $100
  • Bike Lane: $250
  • Cycletrack: $500
  • A Lifetime of Cycling: $1000

Each membership level grants one vote at membership meetings.

Trailblazers and above count as “family memberships”, such that everyone living at that address counts as a member for the purpose of event registration and other perks, whereas Singletrack is a single-person membership. Generally speaking, everyone who counts as a member receives the same benefits (e.g. the same discount for event registration).

With the exception of A Lifetime of Cycling, each membership level expires at the end of the year. The board will make a reasonable effort to contact expiring members (email, letter, etc.) to remind them to renew. Prior-year memberships continue to receive member privileges through the month of January.

A Lifetime of Cycling members receive membership benefits for life. Once someone has paid a total of $1000 in membership fees, they automatically receive A Lifetime of Cycling status, even if they didn’t pay all $1000 in a single year.

Every membership at or above the $25 level receives a complimentary t-shirt of any design currently in stock and selling for $20 or less.

Business memberships are also available. As each business is unique, each business membership is, too. While business memberships don’t receive votes at membership meetings, other perks, such as automatic sponsorship of events, website listings, etc. are available. If your business is interested in supporting our efforts, contact a board member to discuss options.

Help us continue to make Bloomington-Normal bike friendly and become a member today.