What’s Next for the Bloomington Bike Master Plan

Bloomington bike lane

Recently installed bike lane in Downtown Bloomington, Illinois

Thank you for your support and help over the past 18 months in developing the Bloomington Bike Master Plan. The plan was approved on an 8-1 vote with the lone dissenting vote cast by Ward 1 Alderman Kevin Lower. In his comments, he stated it’s unsafe for cyclists to share the road with traffic (despite the fact that people on bikes are already on the road with traffic). With the passing of this plan however, bikes and cars will have better accommodations as road improvements move forward throughout the years.

Our next step is to choose projects, take priorities to city staff, and work toward implementation. Your help will be integral to determine these priorities for the city, so look out for our upcoming planning meetings and plan to attend.

Thanks for your email, letters, and social media posts to aldermen asking for their support of the master plan. Your involvement made a difference and will continue to do so for years to come.

Happy biking!