Awareness Campaign

Call for Photographers!

Bike Blono is seeking bids from local photographers to partner on an upcoming educational awareness campaign. 


The purpose of this request is to find a photographer to schedule, plan, shoot, and process photographs of models and community members for an upcoming Safety Awareness Campaign.


Bike BloNo is planning an awareness campaign, to launch August 2017, for the purpose of a) humanizing people who ride bikes on city roads for transportation, b) educating bike riders on safe biking and rules of the road, and c) promote the bike for everyday transportation in Bloomington-Normal. Safety. Education. Awareness.

The Idea

The core of the campaign will be a studio-based split-photographic concept showing two sides of the same person; on one side a person in cycling clothes, the other their work clothes (see draft concept below). Copy would read “Right now I’m on a bike… but in 10 minutes I’ll be ________”. The blank would be filled in by the profession of the person (your babysitter, your dentist, your barista, etc). We will use real volunteers within the community as models for the featured cyclists. Partnerships with local businesses for cost sharing and promotion are possible.

bike blono awareness campaign mockup

Draft photographic concept


  • Photographer should be able to plan, shoot, and process the photos of models and community members.
  • Photographer must provide their own equipment and studio needed to adequately photograph models.
  • Bike BloNo may share responsibility with photographer to recruit and schedule models (i.e. Bike BloNo has a list of people already, but photographer may recommend and contact other models in cooperation with Bike BloNo.)
  • Number of models will not exceed twenty people, or be fewer than five.
  • Photos will be front facing, full color digital photographs of high resolution and quality.
  • Models and Bike BloNo will provide their own outfits and bike equipment.
  • Photographs should be full color high-resolution digital files, for use in media from online advertisements and graphics, to large outdoor billboards.


Because many of the models who will volunteer believe in the cause of Bike BloNo and the campaign, we (Bike BloNo) wish to protect the privacy and responsible usage of their (models) likeness in campaign applications. Therefore we seek to obtain an exclusive commercial license of the photos, to ensure their image will be used only in this campaign. The photographer however still retains copyright of all photographs taken, and may still use the photos for personal or professional promotion of talents.


As a not-for-profit organization, budgets for the campaign are strict and limited. Therefore reshoots must be mitigated, and timelines are expected to be met in order to move to the next stage of the design process. To ensure these needs an art director, played by a Bike BloNo representative or volunteer, will be present at photo shoots to assist in concept direction and execution. Shoots should be organized and scheduled to maximize usage of studio. All photos must be shot by May 31, 2017, and delivered to Bike BloNo no later than two weeks after.

Bids must be submitted no later than April 24, 2017, and include a link to a website portfolio and estimated cost, to Please use the subject line “Bike Awareness Campaign Proposal”.

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