Safety & Awareness Campaign

For the last few years Bike BloNo has been working on a safety and awareness campaign. The recently launched campaign works toward humanizing people on bikes.

“Often, we feel a person in a car views a bicyclist as an impediment, even though the person on the bike has every right to use the road,” said Bike BloNo President Stefanie Michaelis. “We want to make sure people behind the wheel remember that the person on a bike is simply trying to get somewhere, just like a person in a car.”

A mockup of a billboard by Artezen Design

The campaign uses Bloomington-Normal residents who regularly commute by bike and who work in the community providing services as a dentist, a high school counselor, a grocery store manager, and more.


Safety is a Bike BloNo core issue. Launching a safety awareness campaign has been a long standing goal. Anyone who bikes regularly has had incidents with inattentive motorists or drivers deliberately targeting bikers by passing too closely or yelling at the bicyclist. Bike BloNo board members have also seen the vitriolic comments regarding bicyclists on social media and media message boards.

The campaign was designed by Artezen Design with Bike BloNo input and coordinated by former Bike BloNo board member Jacob DeGeal. The campaign utilizing billboards, bus advertising, yard signs and other media is being funded by five years of fundraising through events like Bike BloNo’s signature annual Tour de Taco event, individual membership fees from Bike BloNo members, and a grants from The Friends of the Trail and the Town of Normal. Over the course of the campaign this spring and again in the fall of 2018, the organization will spend close to $12,000.