Bylaws for Bike BloNo

Article I: Mission

Promoting the bicycle for everyday transportation in Bloomington-Normal.

To fulfill its mission Bike BloNo will:

  1. Advocate for development and implementation of community, regional, and statewide bicycle systems.
  2. Promote safe bicycle use.
  3. Promote public awareness of bicyclists’ rights and responsibilities on public roads and the necessity to safely share the road with motor vehicles.
  4. Protect and defend the rights of bicyclists.
  5. Partner with like-minded organizations, when possible.
  6. Provide instruction as to the care and proper use of bicycles.
  7. Provide an opportunity for members to socialize with others who have an interest in bicycles.

Article II: Membership

Section 1. Qualifications

Anyone who has joined Bike BloNo at or above the minimum membership fee is considered a member until or if the Board, with membership approval, establishes a different membership due structure or until that member fails to renew their paid membership.

Section 2. Dues

Dues shall be set by membership majority vote at the first meeting of the year. If such vote is not taken then the previous year’s dues shall be in effect for another year.

Section 3. Discipline

The membership can remove any member with a ⅔ majority vote at any meeting of the membership. The Board may remove members by a majority vote.

Article III: Membership Meetings

Section 1. Place of meeting

Meetings of the membership shall be held at a place and time designated by the Board of Directors.

Section 2. Monthly meetings of membership

Regular meetings of the membership shall occur on the third Wednesday of each month commencing at 7:00 pm unless the Board of Directors designate a different date and time. Winter meetings shall be held at the discretion of the Board.

Section 3. Annual meeting of the membership

An annual meeting of the membership shall be held each year on a regular meeting date in January for the purpose of electing directors, setting membership dues and for any other such business that may come before the meeting.

Section 4. Notice of meeting

Notice of the meeting through Facebook and via email list shall be considered sufficient.

Section 5. Quorum of the Board

A majority of the Board present at any meeting shall be a quorum.

Section 6. Special Membership Meetings

Special meetings shall be held at the discretion of the Board.

Article IV: Membership and voting rights

Section 1. Voting Rights

Each individual or family membership shall be granted one vote on each matter submitted to a vote of the members. A vote may be cast either orally or in writing, and only during a meeting. If a ballot is illegible or otherwise ambiguous, it will not be counted. The Board has the right to institute absentee or proxy voting (and associated rules), if the need arises.

Section 2. Manner of Acting

A majority of the members voting at a meeting, or a majority of the Board at a board or membership meeting, shall constitute a lawful action of the organization.

Section 3. Nomination and election of Board of Directors and officers

At the annual meeting of membership, the members shall elect nominees to fill open positions to the seven member Board of Directors. Four of these individuals shall also be the officers of the organization and the Board members shall elect Directors to fill each office. The officers of this organization shall be as follows:

  • President,
  • Vice President,
  • Secretary, and
  • Treasurer.

Any member of the organization can nominate any other member for any position. Candidates for Board positions shall be nominated in writing to the Secretary thirty days before the annual membership meeting, or from the floor of a monthly membership meeting the month before the annual membership meeting. Nominations will close at those times, unless reopened by affirmative vote of the majority of the membership. The persons receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected.

Article V: Board of Directors

Section 1. General Powers

The business and affairs of the organization shall be managed by its Board of Directors.

Section 2. Qualifications, number and term of Directors

Directors shall be members in good standing of the organization. There shall be seven Directors. Each Director shall hold office for the term for which she/he was named or elected, and/or until her/his successor is elected and qualified, or until her/his resignation or removal. Directors shall be elected President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer by affirmative majority vote of the Board. Other Board members shall be Directors-at-large.

Section 3. Duties

The President shall act as Chairperson of the Board, shall have authority for the general and active management of the organization, shall preside over all membership meetings, and shall prepare and deliver an annual report of past organization activities at the annual membership meeting. 

The Vice President shall act in the President’s absence and perform all such other duties as delegated by the President.

The Secretary shall record and file the minutes of all meetings, shall prepare and conduct all elections of Directors, and shall perform such other duties as delegated by the Board.

The Treasurer shall have control of and be responsible for the funds and financial records of the organization, shall prepare and deliver an annual accounting at the annual membership meetings, and shall perform such other duties as delegated by the Board.

The three Directors-at-large shall have no specified duties, but shall have full voting rights as members of the Board of Directors.

Section 4. Committees

The Board shall establish any and all committees and appoint volunteers to head the committee. Any Board member can be on a committee or head same. With a majority vote, the Board shall dissolve any committee.

Section 5. Meetings of the Board

Board members may meet at their discretion as a full board or in smaller groups to discuss organization business, strategy, policy, and set monthly meeting agendas. Official board meetings will coincide with regular monthly membership meetings called by the Board.

Section 6. Special Meetings

All Board meetings shall be “special.”

Section 7. Quorum

A majority of Board members constitute a quorum.

Section 8. Vacancies

The Board can fill any of its vacancies up until sixty days prior to the election of Directors.

Section 9. Removal of Directors

A ⅔ majority vote of those present at a regular membership meeting is sufficient to remove a director from office.

Section 10. Compensation

No director can be paid. They can be reimbursed for expenses involved in operating the organization.

Article VI: The Treasury

Section 1.

All organization funds will be maintained in an account in the name of Bike BloNo. Access will be delegated to the Treasurer.

Section 2.

Funds will be allocated by a majority vote of the Board. Deficit spending is prohibited.

Section 3.

A Treasurer’s Report will be given at regular monthly membership meetings, including account balances as of the first day of that month and any major expenditures or revenues in the prior month. The Treasurer will make the past six months of bank statements available for membership review upon request at the January, April, July, and October meetings each year. If any of those meetings are canceled, the statements will be available for review at the following meeting.

Section 4.

In the event of dissolution of the corporation, any remaining funds will be donated to a bicycling related not-for-profit organization.

Article VII: Bylaws

These bylaws will be considered ratified by a majority vote of the first called meeting of the organization. These bylaws can be amended be a majority vote of the members present at the annual membership meeting.

Article VIII: Records and reports

The Directors shall keep records of all meetings, decisions, minutes, contracts, and receipts to be used to prepare an annual report for the membership at the annual meeting.

Article X: Discrimination

Bike BloNo shall not discriminate against any potential or current member based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability. Bike BloNo shall not discriminate on any of the above grounds when hiring, contracting, or engaging in any business outside the organization.


Adopted January 15, 2014

Edited January 21, 2015