Our Mission

Bike BloNo’s main cause is to promote the bicycle for everyday transportation in Bloomington-Normal. There is a national growing trend among the professional and labor working classes to trade in their single-driver car commute for a bicycle. A bicycle commute is a healthy, sustainable, and cost-effective alternative to driving a car. Recent studies also show that fewer young adults are getting their drivers licenses than 20 years ago, in part because they want to live in a city with well established public transportation and bicycle infrastructure.

Our key market is residents in Bloomington, Normal and the surrounding communities who wish to replace their day-to-day short range commutes with a bicycle, or those that are not even aware of the possible benefits to biking over driving for utilitarian, intra-urban commutes. A secondary audience are the car-driving community that may be unaware, or uneducated as to the rights of bike riders on the road. Specifically, this market breaks down into three key demographics: 1) college students, 2) young professionals, 3) established professionals.

Bike BloNo’s main community contributions come in the form of three methods: Advocacy, Awareness and Education. Advocacy is comprised of working with town, city, and county governments to establish concrete policies towards safe biking, and assist in creating and implementing bike infrastructure. Awareness represents Bike BloNo’s efforts to create and take part in engaging and empowering bicycle events that create understanding towards the effects of biking on economic, environmental and personal health, and grow a strong bike-friendly community for current and future residents. Finally, education is a pivotal step in communicating to car drivers, bike riders, and pedestrians the rules of the road and responsible road commuting.

There are many bike groups in town, but what makes Bike BloNo unique is our focus on utilitarian bike commuting on the roads. The limits of municipal jurisdiction ultimately define the reach of Bike BloNo’s efforts. Every day, thousands of miles are logged by single-driver car trips of 5 miles or less. This creates unnecessary burden on parking, road and air quality, road safety, and personal health.